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Tramadol capsule of 50mg strength belongs to the class of medications called opioid analgesics. Buy Tramadol 50mg Pills are used for treating chronic pain. It may also be employed in providing relief from acute pain after the surgical procedure. 

What medical problems may affect the use of Tramadol 50mg pills?

You must let the doctor know if you suffer from medical problems. The effectiveness of Ultram 50mg tablets will be affected if you suffer from the following health issues. 

  1. Brain tumor
  2. History of drug dependence or abuse
  3. History of alcohol abuse
  4. History of depression
  5. Head injury
  6. Increased pressure in the head
  7. Stones in the gallbladder
  8. Hormonal problems
  9. Respiratory problems ( Hypoxia, hypercapnia)
  10. Infections of the central nervous system
  11. History of mental illness
  12. Pain in the stomach or blockage
  13. History of epilepsy or seizures
  14. Liver cirrhosis
  15. Kidney disease
  16. Surgical procedure (nasopharyngeal tonsil, tonsils)

Tramadol dosage modification in the older adults

You should not share your Tramadol with anyone else as the prescribed dosage you are taking may not be suitable for some other person. Hence, it may lead to the occurrence of severe consequences such as shallow or stopped breathing, coma and even death. Dose of this medication needs to be adjusted on the basis of the individual health needs of the elderly people. 

The time interval between two subsequent doses may be changed, the usual dose of the Ultram Medication may be decreased and a cap should be put on the maximum daily dose that can be ingested. 

In case you are taking any other medications while on treatment with Tramadol, discuss the same with the qualified medical practitioner so that he may make changes in the dosage pattern. You should not take this medication more often or in greater amounts than prescribed by the doctor.

For patients who are over the age of 65 years, usually the dose should start from the lowest end of the dosing range and gradually go up depending on the response to treatment and the tolerance level.

In case of patients over the age of 75 years, the highest daily dose of regular-release Tramadol Pills to be ingested orally should not go beyond 300mg, not to be taken all at once. Buy Tramadol 50mg for effective pain management.


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